Magnetic fireplace vent covers!
Save money on your heating and air conditioning bills with these attractive and functional magnetic fireplace vent covers. Keep cold drafts out in the winter - keep hot air out in the summer -
keep bugs out all year long.

Magnetic Fireplace Vent Covers

Stops the drafts from fireplaces instantly!

Made in USAMagnetic fireplace vent covers are the most common kind of airtight vent covers. They're simply magnetic sheets that fit over your normal vent covers.  This type of magnetic cover has been used on small floor vents to redirect air flow of heaters for years. Our larger magnet is perfect for fireplace vents that leak cold drafty air in the winter and warm humid air in the summer. As an added benefit, magnetic fireplace vent covers help to keep stink bugs, spiders and other insects out of your home. Our high quality fireplace vent covers have a thickness of 0.030".


Draft Decor's magnetic fireplace vent cover is machine precision cut to size.  If you have a size not listed you can cut to fit or we can cut to fit for you.  Custom sizes can be ordered.   Please send an email with your dimensions and we will reply at once.

Functional and attractive magnetic fireplace vent covers save your heating & cooling dollars!

Fireplace Vent Cover MagnetThis is the quickest fireplace draft stopper there is!   Even if you are using a product to block the warm air from going up your chimney, you still need to cover the vents to keep the cold air from coming in. 


When the black magnetic vent cover is on your black vent you will not even notice it!   The brushed gold vent cover will add elegance to any room and looks great when you have brass trim on your fireplace doors.  The Matte Gold is almost a bronze tone.


If your fireplace vent area is a bit smaller than the cut size, the length is easily trimmed with scissors or a cutting wheel for a perfect fit.


Draft Decor's vent cover can be easily removed when you use your fireplace.  Stick it on the side of your refrigerator to keep the magnet smooth.   It wipes clean with a damp cloth and will last for years. Click here to view installation photos and how to measure >


Easy, functional and will help you be more energy efficient!   Save energy and make rooms more comfortable, reduce your fuel bills. 


Fireplace Vent Cover

Fireplace Vent Cover


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