Magnetic Fireplace Vent Covers

Stops fireplace drafts instantly.

Functional and attractive, magnetic fireplace vent covers save your heating & cooling dollars!

Solving these common fireplace complaints:
"There's a cold draft coming from the vents above and below my fireplace."
"When my A/C is on, air is being sucked through my fireplace vents."
"Installed a beautiful new gas fireplace but my gas bill has skyrocketed!"
"Stinkbugs are coming in through my fireplace!"

Made in the USAMagnetic fireplace vent covers are the most common kind of airtight vent covers. They're simply magnetic sheets that fit over your normal vent covers. This is the quickest fireplace draft stopper there is! Even if you are using a product to block the warm air from going up your chimney, you still need to cover the vents to keep the cold air from coming in. Our larger magnet is perfect for fireplace vents that leak cold drafty air in the winter and warm humid air in the summer. As an added benefit, magnetic fireplace vent covers help to keep stink bugs, spiders and other insects out of your home. Our high quality fireplace vent covers have a thickness of 0.030".

Draft Decor's vent cover can be easily removed when you use your fireplace. Stick it on the side of your refrigerator to keep the magnet smooth. It wipes clean with a damp cloth and will last for years.

Draft Decor's magnetic fireplace vent cover is machine precision cut to size. If you have a size not listed you can cut to fit or we can cut to fit for you. Custom sizes can be ordered. Please send an email with your dimensions and we will reply at once.

BEWARE OF PRE CUT, WAREHOUSE-STORED COVERS! We don't cut our products until we receive your order, afterwhich they are rolled and shipped Priority Mail. Relax them on the side of your refrigerator to release any curl from shipping. Our process ensures the shortest "roll time" incurred. Pre cut products have no shelf life, as the roll effect becomes permanent.

FREE 3" x 5" sample of any color!
See the color, feel the thickness and quality of our Magnetic Fireplace Vent Cover! We are 20 years proud of offering the best quality magnetic cover you can buy! This season has seen an influx of covers made in China that are inexpensive but not up to par. Replace any off-size, off-color, off -quality vent cover you have and get a premium quality cover that fits perfectly and will last for years (and support Made in the USA)!

Colors Available:

Fireplace Vent Cover Colors
Fireplace Vent Cover Fireplace Draft Stopper

Magnetic Fireplace Vent Covers Magnetic Fireplace Draft Stopper Stop Fireplace Drafts Instantly
Fireplace Draft Stoppers Magnetic Fireplace Draft Stopper    Fireplace Magnetic Draft Stopper

Fireplace Draft Stopper    Draft Decor Fireplace Vent Covers    Fireplace Magnetic Vent Covers

Ordering Details


ONLINE: The easiest way to order is in the box above, by choosing your size and color.

BY PHONE: If you prefer, you can give us a call to order by phone - 215-817-8229

BY MAIL: If you'd like to order by mail with a check, please print our order form.


USPS Priority Mail shipping of the vent covers to orders within the U.S.A. is a flat rate of $12.95 for up to four covers in one box. If you are also ordering either a Flue-zee Flue Cover or Termination Cap Cover, the shipping cost of the magnetic vent cover ($12.95) will be reimbursed.


Returns are accepted within ten (10) days of receipt. Shipping fees will not be reimbursed.


For international orders, send us an email with the items and quantities that you want to purchase and your shipping address. Shipping costs will be calculated based on weight and location. We will send you an invoice for your order (including shipping). OR, place your order online above and we will contact you with a quote for the additional shipping cost.


Custom sizes are available in all colors. Send an email with your dimensions. There is NO EXTRA CHARGE to cut to your needs.

How to Measure

Measure the entire portion of the vent area.
How to Measure for your Fireplace Vent Cover

Custom sizes are available! Contact us if you don't see your size offered.


Stop Fireplace Drafts
Magnetic Fireplace Vent Cover

Typical fireplace with drafty vents. Draft Decor's magnetic fireplace vent cover will cover the metal vents completely and keep out the draft. Please use a small magnet to make sure the magnetic vent covers will "stick" to your fireplace.

Fireplace Magnetic Vent Covers

Begin by aligning the vent cover with upper and side edge of metal vent.

Stop Fireplace Drafts
Fireplace Draft Stopper

Keep lining up the upper edge of the vent cover as you apply product across the vent you are covering.

Fireplace Draft Guard

The vent cover is precisely cut to fit. Complete application to vent.

Stop Fireplace Drafts
Fireplace Draft Stopper

Cover lower vent with same method of lining up edges. The vent cover nearly snaps into place as the magnet attaches to the vent.

Measure for your Fireplace Vent Cover

Use the above guide for measuring for your fireplace vent covers.

Real Comments from Real People

Following are testimonials from our actual clients using Draft Decor's magnetic fireplace vent covers.

magnetic fireplace vent cover testimonial photoLove the magnetic covers. Had to trim a tiny slot for the vent flue. Had a 100mph zero degrees cold front. It saved the heat in this room. Twenty degree difference. Thank you. Has paid for itself already.
Gale B

I forgot to let you know I received the fireplace vent covers after submitting an inquiry to the post office. I am not sure what happened on their end, but I am just happy I got the package. I wanted to let you know, this is a great product! Works as intended and looks very good and blends in perfectly with my black fireplace opening! No more cold drafts from the fireplace in my family room! I appreciate your customer service too. The fact you were willing to send me a replacement, no questions asked if I didn't get the first package was very much appreciated. The value, product and service will have me recommending your product to others. Again, thank you for this great solution!
Heng F

Last February, it was extremely cold for coastal NC. I walked past the fireplace and felt really cold air coming in. I checked the flue, but it was closed and no air was coming through it. Then, I realized that it was the vents and that there was no mechanism for closing them. The electric bill was the highest it had ever been! I "jury rigged" a really ugly way to temporarily seal the vents. The vent covers from Draft Decor fit perfectly and look great!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! We just moved to a new home for us in April. This is our first Winter in the home. The draft coming through the bottom of the fireplace vent was blowing in COLD air....especially since it has been in the single digits the past week in Rochester, New York! I ordered the magnetic vent covers and they arrived in only two days. I just put them on after following all of the instructions and almost instantly the room was warmer!!! Seriously, I can not believe it! Thank you again for getting them to me so quickly and for providing such a wonderful and useful product! Hopefully my heating bill will show how purposeful this is for us!!
Mary, Rochester, NY

We live in New England and built a new house but unfortunately our fireplace unit has a significant draft that makes the area in front of the fireplace too cold to sit near when the unit is off. We purchased these magnetic vent covers with the hopes that it would solve the problem. I questioned whether the testimonials were real and they assured me they were. Unquestionably these have helped a great deal and I feel obliged to add my testimonial. Good price and a great solution. Trust me!
Brad R., Norfolk MA

Just wanted to drop you a note. I got my draft décor today. It took me less than five minutes to install them. They look absolutely outstanding. There is no draft at all coming from the fireplace. Rarely have I ever purchased anything that lived up to 100% of its advertised value. Please feel free to use me as an unsolicited endorsement of your product and outstanding service.
Bill Eilers

Thank goodness for the Internet!  I cannot believe I didn't think to look for these vent covers sooner.  I don't have to tape plastic garbage bags over the fireplace any longer.  I ordered one of each to fit the top and bottom vents.  There was an immediate difference in the room temperature, and they are actually quite attractive; they give a sleek look to the surround.   I will be sharing your information with every one of my friends. 
AW, Poconos, PA

Our items arrived yesterday... after they were placed on our fireplace, we noticed a difference immediately! This winter is going to be much better thanks to you!

I'm very impressed with this simple solution to my gas fireplace vent draft issue. I ordered it on a Monday and had it by Wednesday. You would never know it is on the fireplace!
I was also very impressed with the warning not to unroll it until it had been room temperature (extremely cold weather lately). I live in a new development and will recommend this to everyone!

Thanks ever so much. Before we got these vent covers, the area around the lower vent was 20°F below the rest of the house, and cold air was coming in. Now it's just a few degrees below, and there's no more cold air.

Thanks for the really fast shipment! Got is yesterday and placed everything today!! Looks great and the AC coming from the fireplace is pretty much gone (purchased vent covers and Flue-zee)!!  Thanks so much!
Ana B.

Just a quick note of thanks... we received our order yesterday, which is perfect.  We live in NJ and it was a "lovely" 5 degrees this morning with a high of 12 today.  Your product was exactly what we needed. First, thanks for creating this, second thanks for the very easy to use website with great information, third, thank you for making the ordering process so easy, and lastly, I greatly appreciate the email follow up after I completed my order. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you and that I appreciate the first rate product you provide, and the exceptional service you deliver.  I cannot wait to brag to my neighbors about this!
Dan in New Jersey

Just wanted to say the Fireplace Vents work great. We are going through a really cold bitter spell right now & our family room is toasty warm with them on. It's nice to go to bed & know our house isn't going to fill up with cold air over night. We are so glad we got them from you.
Draft Decor Customer

Thank you so much for this wonderful product! We moved into our house last December and experienced a horrible draft in our family room thanks to the fireplace. All winter we had an old comforter rolled up under the fireplace to keep out the cold air. My husband said that there has to be something out there that we can purchase to block the air. He found your site! They are working!! Thank you too for the extremely fast shipping. We had them before Thanksgiving and enjoyed decorating for Christmas in our draft-free family room yesterday!
Michelle in Virginia

Hi Christy... got the magnets and have them on the vents!  Thanks so much - what a simple idea that is sooooo worth it.  I will pass on to neighbors!

Thank you for this brilliant idea!!
C K in Pennsylvania

Thank you for your prompt shipping. The product was a gift and the recipients are most pleased. The draft decor arrived on a day when it was -20 degrees. We installed the draft decor at once and the results were immediate.
Jill in Minnesota

Received my magnets, let them warm up on the refrigerator overnight and they fit perfectly on my fireplace. You flier was right in that I live in a townhome association and we all have the same fireplaces. I'll spread the word about your wonderful product and service. I'll be much warmer this winter. Thanks so much!

We got the correct size covers last night, and I applied them this morning, after keeping them on the frig overnight to straighten out, as you suggested. They look great, and work great. What an invention you made ... I will be sure to tell my friends.

We received it yesterday and immediately installed it. It is great. Thank you for coming up with such a simple and effective solution to a problem that has confounded us for years!!
R K in Westchester, PA  

 I want to commend you on a simple, yet elegant solution to a problem.  I'm angry at myself for not thinking of it first.         
T M  in Georgetown, MA  

Thank you very much! These last few winters in Va have been crazy and I am tired of being cold! All my Christmas photos had my vents covered in plastic!!! Thanks again.   
LC in Yorktown, VA 

Wonderful, thanks. Great idea by the way, exactly what we needed.   
KM in Newark, DE 

You rock for coming up with this!  I wish you the best and will keep your information handy to share with others!  Stay warm and obviously, out of drafts! 

I am so excited to share this with my husband - he's talking about ugly curtains which would not work!  Right now I have big floor pillows and blankets since we have plummeted to well below zero this winter!