The Flue-zee Magnetic Fireplace Flue Cover

Stops fireplace drafts instantly.

Because dampers just aren't enough!

Made in the USADampers in fireplaces do not keep out cold drafts, warm humid summer air, bugs (bees, flies, stink bugs, etc.), birds, odors, and small critters. They simply allow air, heat and smoke to go up your chimney flue when there is a fire in your fireplace. When you don't have a fire you have an opening that is costing you heating and cooling dollars. And you have a cold, uncomfortable room as soon as the temperatures drop!

Our strong neodymium magnets keep the Flue-zee securely in place. An easy grip handle makes installation and removal a snap! A bright red pendant reminds you the Flue-zee is in place and needs to be removed when starting a fire. All aluminum and steel, except the sealing gasket, the Flue-zee is absolutely the safest way to close and seal your flue, keep out drafts and save money!

To install simply center the Flue-zee over your flue opening and let the magnets anchor the Flue-zee into place The gasket will totally seal off your flue keeping out cold drafts, warm humid air, odors, bugs and more! To remove your Flue-zee simply grab the handle and pull to release the magnets. Our Flue-zee can also be used inside Direct Vent fireplaces to cover the flue from the inside - the glass front needs to be removed. If you have any questions on using our products please contact us. We are happy to help you troubleshoot and get the best solution. Keep your Flue-zee away from electronic devices because magnets can damage them.

Fireplace Flue Cover

Ordering Details


ONLINE: The easiest way to order is in the box above.

BY PHONE: If you prefer, you can give us a call to order by phone - 215-817-8229

BY MAIL: If you'd like to order by mail with a check, please print our order form.


All Flue-zees are shipped separately for a fee of $12.95 each to addresses in the U.S.A. If magnetic vent covers are also ordered with the Flue-zee, the shipping cost for the vent covers ($12.95) will be reimbursed.


Returns are accepted within ten (10) days of receipt. Shipping fees will not be reimbursed.


For international orders, send us an email with the items and quantities that you want to purchase and your shipping address. Shipping costs will be calculated based on weight and location. We will send you an invoice for your order (including shipping). OR, place your order online above and we will contact you with a quote for the additional shipping cost.

How to Measure

Please measure the total width of your flue and order the appropriate product size based on the restrictions below.

8" Flue-zee (for flues up to 6"): $43 plus $12.95 each Priority Mail shipping & handling

10" Flue-zee (for flues up to 8"): $48 plus $12.95 each Priority Mail shipping & handling

12" Flue-zee (for flues up to 10"): $58 plus $12.95 each Priority Mail shipping & handling


Fireplace Flue Draft Stopper

Real Comments from Real People

Following are testimonials from our actual clients using Draft Decor's Flue-zee magnetic fireplace flue cover.

Received my Flue-zee and I've got to say, it's probably one of the best investments I've made for my house in years. Works better than I anticipated. Thanks!

Thanks for the really fast shipment! Got is yesterday and placed everything today!! Looks great and the AC coming from the fireplace is pretty much gone (purchased vent covers and Flue-zee)!!  Thanks so much!
Ana B.

I appreciate your wonderful customer service and am waiting for it to get cold and windy here again, now that I have installed the Flue-zee in my fireplace.

Thanks for the quick service. The Flue-zee is an excellent solution to our draft and stink bug problems!

I just got the Flue-zee last week. I can feel the difference already, and in combination with the magnetic draft covers, it's effective.