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Fireplace Draft Problems

Common Fireplace Draft Complaints

We have a gas fire place that's very drafty when not used. It has a metal frame. Anyone have a suggestion on how I can stop the draft?

How can I save money on my gas and electric bill?  Answer: Place the magnetic draft covers over vents that leak air into rooms.  Conserve energy and save money on utility bills.

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We just moved into a new house and the fireplace the builder put in is VERY drafty. There are vents above and below the actual fireplace and that is where most of the air comes through. We had gas logs put in when the house was being built and they give off no heat. But our family room is almost unbearable on cold days because of the draft coming through the fireplace. And to me, it doesn't seem like it should be like that. Is there anything we can do to insulate it better or fix the drafts? Any suggestions are welcome.

In 1997 my wife and I purchased a new home with a prefabricated fireplace that was installed by the builder. For the first few years, because of relatively warm winters, we didn't notice the fireplace was sucking in a steady stream of cold air -- a dastardly deed known as "backdrafting." But during the last two much-colder winters, our family room was like a meat locker.

We bought a 10 year old home back in 2002. We have a gas fire place in our den on the outer wall. It does not have a chimney- it has a vent straight behind outside it that looks like a cylinder behind it with vent looking things. It has a glass panel on the front so you just "see" the fire. Here are my problems:   1. The lower vent below the glass panel is pushing in tons of cold air through during the winter and in the summer when the A/C goes on tons of warm outside air gets suck in through this vent. Our couch is next to it and we freeze in the winter.

I have a Marco Clean Face - Insulated (model D41CFI) fireplace built on top of concrete slab.  When the fireplace is not in use there is a constant draft coming thru the bottom vent.  The damper and air inlet valves are closed.  I installed glass doors and caulked around the fireplace, but drafts still come in.  I live in NY where temperatures at times drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  I was thinking of covering the vent and removing the cover when I start a fire.  What else can I do?  Does the problem I describe more prevalent in houses built on slabs versus ones with a basement?

Why am I feeling a cold draft from my fireplace? There are several possible causes of feeling cold air from a wood fireplace. You will want to make sure the flu is closed.   If your vents do not have an open/close feature then you need to cover the vents when the fireplace is not in use.  You will stop the cold drafty air in the winter and keep warm humid air from coming in during the summer months.

We recently bought a 1996 house which has a Majestic gas fireplace. With the cold weather now, we notice a lot of cold air coming in through the bottom vents of the fireplace. What does one do to prevent that? Any suggestions? Any ideas appreciated.

We have a superior DVT8-CENS direct vent gas fireplace. I am getting a cold draft from the bottom vent, top of unit where fireplace meets mantle and even surrounding area where floor meets mantle. This unit is five years old and installed when home was built. The dog house is vinyl siding and there is an 8 inch vent out the back of it. I am going to make the assumption that the builder put no insulation or poorly insulated fireplace based on the fact I am getting drafts from all over. I also looked at the bottom of the fireplace and saw the gas pipe goes through a square cut out in the fireplace. The cut out around pipe was not insulated or taped so air is also coming in from the doghouse.  Air feels like a refrigerator under my fireplace.

I have a Heatilator EC36 woodburning fireplace installed in a new my house in 2003.   Cold air leaks through the front face vents of the fireplace, When not in use, there is a cold draft coming in the living room on the floor. How can I minimize the cold draft from coming in when the fireplace in not in use?  Please any suggestions, do it yourself or materials on how to minimize the cold draft coming in through the fireplace front vents?

I have a gas fireplace that blows a ton of cold air into my family room and that’s where the thermostat is located.   The air comes in the vents over and under my glass fireplace doors…

We have a new direct-vent gas fireplace installed flush to the wall in a new home. There is an icy cold draft coming from the face of the unit, mainly at the bottom where the controls are but the draft can be felt all around. The room gets uncomfortably cold and is unusable without the fireplace burning.

I'm having the same problem with regards to drafty direct vent fireplace. It feels like there is a window open it's so drafty at the bottom louvers. It really annoys me when it's cold out as it makes the family room very cold. It was windy last night so I opened the bottom louver and felt around underneath, seems like a good majority of the air coming in is around the corners of the combustion (for lack of right terminology) metal box.

Imagine leaving a window open all winter long -- the heat loss, cold drafts and wasted energy!  If you have tried or are using The Chimney Balloon or a similar product, you will get an added benefit using Draft Decor with the Chimney Balloon.  The Chimney Balloon does not block the air coming in your vents.  So, use both!  

We moved into a 7 year old house with a gas fireplace that allows cold air to come in during the winter. The unit draft comes in from underneath the glass enclosed portion. This unit vents to the outside.  How can we fix this? Does anyone know how to prevent this draft and still use the fireplace. Right now we have to put a blanket there to block the draft!

How do I stop a cold draft coming from my fireplace or woodstove chimney?

The problem exists with most metal double wall fireplaces in cold climates. There is nothing between you and the outside temperatures except a piece of sheet metal. So, the entire firebox gets very cold and acts more like refrigerators when they are not being used.  Not much that you can do except to cover the vent when you are not using the fireplace. Some people use  magnetic vinyl material. Make certain that you take it off before you start a fire or there will be a fire danger.   

My fireplace is cold and drafty making for a cold house.  How can I  live comfortably & stop giving money away to the gas company?

I am having a similar problem. I have a superior wood burning fireplace. The draft is coming through the bottom louvers as well.

I'm having the same problem with regards to drafty direct vent fireplace. It feels like there is a window open it's so drafty at the bottom louvers. It really annoys me when it's cold out as it makes the family room very cold. It was windy last night so I opened the bottom louver and felt around underneath, seems like a good majority of the air coming in is around the corners

There is also a terrific cold draft pouring in through the bottom louvers. Obviously, in the winter we're losing heat and $$ and in the summer get it. Please advise if there is anything we can do to correct this.

Same deal as those above. I paid 5K for "85 percent energy efficient" unit to replace my 20 percent efficient wood burning fireplace. Did I make a huge mistake? I have blankets stuffed around the face when not in use. Pathetic!

The room is ice cold when not in use and my energy bills for a 2000 square foot home have gone from $260 per month to $368 per month. Energy efficient, my foot! I bought it from Saratoga Fireplace in upstate NY and they are incompetent! Never should have gone there! Any ideas from folks in the know? -Peeved in NY

I have a Heat & Glo direct vent fireplace and have the same problem mentioned by others - cold air coming into the room. When it gets down to where the outside temperature gets in the 20s, the room temperature goes down to 64/65 degrees and frost forms on the metal edges of the fireplace screen. I should have gone with a wood burning fireplace like I had in my other house. No way would I ever install one of these Heat & Glo fireplaces again. It is like trying to heat a room with the window open. Most worthless piece of crap I have ever seen.

Solution - Draft Decor's Magnetic Fireplace Vent Cover and Flue Cover!

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Draft Decor offers a magnetic fireplace flue cover that fits securely over your fireplace damper to keep out cold drafts, warm humid summer air, bugs (particularly stink bugs), odors and small critters. This will save you money in heating and cooling dollars! Easy to install and works great!
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Guard your house against heat, humidity, bugs and small critters entering though the termination cap of your direct vent fireplace with our direct vent fireplace cover. Our Direct Vent Fireplace Cover is easy to install and easy to remove in the fall when you use your fireplace again. If you don't use your fireplace in the winter, keep the direct vent fireplace cover on to keep out cold drafts (pilot must be off as well).
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