Fireplace vent & flue covers!
Keep cold drafts out in the winter.
Keep hot air out in the summer.
Keep bugs and odors out all year long.

Stop Odors from coming in through your Fireplace!

Fireplace Odor Complaints

Many people complain about an odor that comes from their fireplaces even when a fire is not burning. Fireplace smells come from creosote deposits in the chimney; creosote is a natural by-product of burning wood. These odors are ususally worse in the summer when the humidity is high, on rainy days, and/or when the air conditioner is running. During these days a "campfire" like smell will often enter a home.

If you have a smell coming from your fireplace, it means that negative air pressure in the home is causing air from the outside to be sucked into the room. This negative air pressure can be caused by: a new furnace, new roofing, new windows, dryer operation, bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans, or other similar home improvements.

Solution - Draft Decor's Fireplace Flue & Vent Covers!

The best way to prevent fireplace odors from coming into your home is by installing Draft Decor's Flue-zee Flue Covers and Magnetic Vent Covers.

Draft Decor's Flue-Zee can help you keep fireplace odors from coming into your home. The Flue-Zee seals flues up to 10" in diameter keeping out all bugs, odor and drafts! ORDER NOW or check our installation sheet to see if it will work with your flue.

Draft Decor's Magnetic Vent Covers can give you added protection from smells, drafts and bugs by sealing your fireplace vents. Cover your vents with our Magnetic Vent Covers.

Draft Decor's Direct Vent Cover guards your house against heat, humidity, bugs and small critters entering though the termination cap of your direct vent fireplace. Our Direct Vent Fireplace Cover is easy to install and easy to remove in the fall when you use your fireplace again. If you don't use your fireplace in the winter, keep the direct vent fireplace cover on to keep out cold drafts (pilot must be off as well).
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